Classic French cherry clafoutis

Red cherry clafoutis, a French fruit-filled crustless flan

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Dairy-free Austro-Hungarian scrambled pancake, aka Emperor’s crumbs, Császármorzsa or Kaiserschmarrn

Austro Hungarian scrambled pancake smarni kaiserschmarrn

I don’t have any proper pre-Christmas recipe to display here. Yet I hope this one would fill some of your comfort food needs until celebration time comes, and perhaps also once it will be gone. Indeed, smarni  as it is called by much Hungarians, seems like an ultimate comfort food to me, that homey dish you typically make when it’s cold outside and you have little time to cook or are in a lazy mood.

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Turkish cold yoghurt soup with wheat, chickpea and mint

To be fair toward both of the cooking legacies I exposed in my first blogpost, I’ll be starting off this blog neither with a Central European recipe nor a French one, but one that is fully seasonal. Indeed, though some cooking is involved, it helps keeping cool during warm summers like we had both last year and this one here in the North of France. That being said, Turkish cuisine, to which it belongs, does have some similarities with Eastern European cooking – perhaps is this why I got such a kick for it.

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