Csalamádé, a Hungarian sweet and sour summer pickle

Csalamádé, a Hungarian summer pickle of mixed grated vegetables

I have talked about preserves last time, summer being the perfect season to put aside all kinds of seasonal fruits and veggies. Apart from cherries in syrup, that I made with the leftover of our recent harvest, and kovászos uborka, which I intend to prepare with my freshly bought pickling cucumbers, there is one preserve I never miss the occasion to make when this time comes. And it actually turned out so well this time that I’m afraid the jars won’t last till winter at all.

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Ribizliszörp, Hungarian red currant cordial

As the atmosphere kept warming up the past weeks , I’ve been in constant search of efficient refreshments. When it comes to drinks, I’m inclined to believe that water is the ultimate thirst-quenching one, so I hardly drink any actual soft. Yet, there is a special soft drink I’ve been craving last summers, resurfaced from childhood memories.

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Turkish cold yoghurt soup with wheat, chickpea and mint

To be fair toward both of the cooking legacies I exposed in my first blogpost, I’ll be starting off this blog neither with a Central European recipe nor a French one, but one that is fully seasonal. Indeed, though some cooking is involved, it helps keeping cool during warm summers like we had both last year and this one here in the North of France. That being said, Turkish cuisine, to which it belongs, does have some similarities with Eastern European cooking – perhaps is this why I got such a kick for it.

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