Csalamádé, a Hungarian sweet and sour summer pickle

Csalamádé, a Hungarian summer pickle of mixed grated vegetables

I have talked about preserves last time, summer being the perfect season to put aside all kinds of seasonal fruits and veggies. Apart from cherries in syrup, that I made with the leftover of our recent harvest, and kovászos uborka, which I intend to prepare with my freshly bought pickling cucumbers, there is one preserve I never miss the occasion to make when this time comes. And it actually turned out so well this time that I’m afraid the jars won’t last till winter at all.

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Spring mesclun or foraged greens salad mix

Spring mesclun, foraged greens mixed salad

It’s with a spring recipe that I – finally – come back to you*. Within a few weeks, spring has taken over the countryside out here with its shades of vibrant green.

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