You’ll find more about me and my plans for this blog in its introducing blogpost, but to sum it up, I’d say this blog is about sharing my kitchen adventures as a French homecook with Central European roots, modernizing and adapting family recipes as needed to pantry-friendly ingredients or newly found materials; gathering the sources of my everyday cooking, which also include worldwide influences, and paying tribute to them.


I’m neither a professional photographer nor a professional cook, but I would share with you only the recipes I’ve made often enough to ensure they’re the best according to my own taste, and do my best to make meals appetizing without cheating on their look.

Unless otherwise specified, all recipes and pictures featured on this blog are my work and my property. I do make this disinterested, but I’d highly appreciate you refer to me when re-blogging a recipe. I’d also be glad to know you’re interested in borrowing my photos, but please do contact me to ask for it in the first place.

As I said right above, blogging isn’t a professional matter for me. As so, please take note that all opinions and advices expressed here only reflect only my own experience, reads and thoughts: they don’t in any case pretend to be scientific or eternal truths, nor stem from any form of pressure.

Further, it wouldn’t make any sense to me to post about my attempts in making recipes exactly as they show up elsewhere. However, since I’m not aware of all blogs and all recipes featured on the Web and since creativity in the kitchen has some natural boundaries, I apologize in case I didn’t give credit to you of a recipe you came up with too.

Any observation or question?

Ultimately, note that even though I’m not comfortable with using social networks, I’d read each comment with pleasure, providing it remains respectful. I’ll also try to answer as much and as quickly as possible, especially in case you need me to precise or correct something – so if you have any doubt about a recipe, don’t hesitate to leave a comment using the form provided for it at the bottom of each page.

For any other issue (make a suggestion, ask for a recipe you’d like to be featured, etc.), please use the contact form in the “Contact” section or email me at the following address: notquitefrenchcuisine@gmail.com.


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